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At M3 BIM we can provide custom Architectural services such as 3D modeling,  construction documents as well as  sales and marketing visualizations for Architecture, Engineering or Construction firms.

We can also create custom libraries, and templates for companies dealing in specific industries such as healthcare or education.

3D printing is one of the latest technologies to come to market in the AEC Industry. At M3 BIM we utilize FDM printers to create physical models that can be utilized by firms for sales, marketing and analysis. We can also provide services for other industries as well such as prototyping and props/ costumes for film and media 

We  provide  guidance and advise firms looking to transition to the latest technology to improve their workflow efficiency and quality control. We can assist in things like creating new templates, training and determining which software would better suit your needs. With over 22 years of BIM experience in Architecture and construction we can provide insight from all sides of the AEC industry

3D Geometric Shapes

We can also provide modeling services outside of Architectural projects, such as product models, prototyping, game environments or any other type of 3D models you might need.



M3 BIM Consultants is a multi-disciplinary company that focuses on providing the highest quality architectural services possible. Specifically we focus on providing production services, marketing visualizations and 3D printing to Architectural/Engineering/Construction firms in need of extra resources. Additionally we provide BIM consulting services to firms and companies that are looking to transition into the latest technologies available to the AEC Industry. It was founded in 2018 by Omar Martinez as a means assist other professionals in his field and to further expand his experience and apply his educational degree.




For any inquiries or questions, please call:

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